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March’s Campout

Troop 4125 had a great weekend welcoming our newest cross-over! Youth leadership started the weekend teaching knots to all the cross-overs while our newer scouts practiced their Firem’n Chit, Totin’ Chip, knots, and flag etiquette skills. In the afternoon, we took swim tests, played Capture the Flag and had a shaving cream fight with Troop 125 and Pack 125. In the evening, all three units enjoyed dinner and the cross-over ceremony (pictures to follow.) We’re looking forward to new adventures!!

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Spring Break Extended Campout 2021

Troop 4125 spent spring break in the Florida Panhandle. We started our journey at the P. Harn Museum of Art on our way to campout at Goat House Farm. Goat House Farm is home to Wilbur the pig, as well as many cats, chickens, guinea fowl, peafowl, bees and, of course, goats. There were so many babies! Two more babies were born during our visit. We took day excursions to see Florida’s largest waterfall at Falling Waters State Park, explore the caves at Florida Caverns State Park, and enjoy the beach at Bald Point State Park. We couldn’t be so close to our state’s capital without stopping to see the Capitol Building, the Florida Supreme Court, and the Governor’s Mansion. We even managed to squeeze in driving tours of the campuses of Florida State University and University of Florida. On our way home, we stopped to stretch our legs at the Florida Museum of Natural History. We look forward to many more troop adventures in the future!!

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